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Thursday, 10 November 2016

Queen sized quilt

Thought I would share a project that was sitting half done for a long time. It's a pattern from Better Home quilt magazine in Xmas greens and reds. The top was done for ages but machine quilting is not my favourite part of quilting. Large quilts are especially hard to push thru the thoart of my machine. 

Anyways I'm glad to have it completed and love the end result. 

I have a second quilt top in queen size pieced together that I need to quilt soon as it's my brothers Xmas present. I will share pictures when it's done. 

McCall's 8572

Long time between blogging again! There hasn't been a lot of sewing the past while due to renovations. 

I picked up this pattern in a box of patterns for free at a garage sale. I thought it would be a good basis shift dress. 
It took some fiddling in the back to get a nice fit.  For some reason dresses with a waist are easier to get a nice fit for me. Also, I found the neckline to be rather high when I tried it on. I scooped it down as much as possible. I'm happy with the end result but the pattern wasn't a winner for me. 
The fabric is a lovely cotton Lyra stretch sateen from Blackbird Fabrics. The fabrics I've purchased from her are really nice quality. Just wish she had a larger selection on her website and a wider range of colours as most of the fabrics are always blue.