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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Sewacholic Belcarra

I recently went on a bit of a fabric shopping spree and ordered 3 different fabrics from Blackbird Fabrics a Canadian online shop. Her selection is somewhat limited but unlike all the other online fabric shops, she actually doesn't sell quilt fabric.  

One of the fabrics is a lovely embrondiered white cotton. Since it had a scalloped border that I wanted to use along the hem, I went looking for a simple blouse. Enter Sewacholic Belcarra. 
I opted for a PDF pattern to save shipping costs. I've sewn Sewacholic patterns a few times as I am pear shaped which this pattern is drafted for. However, while I have loved some patterns others were big misses. 

I'm quite pleased how this one turned out though. My fabric is a little stiffer than ideal perhaps but I think it will be a good basic blouse. 

As an aside, as anyone else noticed it is really hard to find blouse weight fabric online in plain basic colours such as white, ivory or black? These are wardrobe holes I would like to fill but the selection seems really limited. Anyone know a good source? 

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