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Sunday, 14 June 2015

2 Blouses

Lots of sewing the past 2 weekends! I'm currently concentrating on blouses at the moment as it's a warerobe hole. 

I used Newlook 6598. 
First one is version B using a cotten voile that I purchased a year or toe ago from Connecting Threads. I wanted to see what quality their fabric is and it's only so so. 
The drafting of the collar doesn't leave a new finish on the inside. I'm not crazy about how this blouse looks, I think it's the wishywasy colours/pattern. Will wear it before making a final decision. 

The second blouse is version D of the pattern. I uses a yellow fabric that's a really nice quality with cut out flowers sewn on. 
I like this version of Newlook 6598 better. Have enough of this fabric leftover for a skirt. 

Already have another blouse (different pattern) cut out and started. 

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