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Monday, 22 June 2015

McCalls 6991

Another project finished! I've been on a roll lately :)

McCalls 6991 view B is the latest pattern. 
I eliminated the pocket as I couldn't see the point in having it. *Warning* this pattern runs really really big. I normally use a size 14 at the bust and a size 17 at the waist and hips. I cut a straight size 10!!! And the fit is perfect. Why would they make it have so much ease? Actually come to think....the last McCalls pattern had a lot of ease as well. 

The fabric is used is a silk from Fabric Mart that I purchased this winter. It's recommended to use a fabric that is same on both sides.  

The top came together pretty good following instructions, I just kept making silly mistakes that resulted in a lot of seam ripping. One change I did was hem the back before sewing up the sides for an easier and nicer finish. 

I'm wearing this blouse today and I like it. Not sure I would make it again as it's a fairly unique pattern. 

Sunday, 14 June 2015

2 Blouses

Lots of sewing the past 2 weekends! I'm currently concentrating on blouses at the moment as it's a warerobe hole. 

I used Newlook 6598. 
First one is version B using a cotten voile that I purchased a year or toe ago from Connecting Threads. I wanted to see what quality their fabric is and it's only so so. 
The drafting of the collar doesn't leave a new finish on the inside. I'm not crazy about how this blouse looks, I think it's the wishywasy colours/pattern. Will wear it before making a final decision. 

The second blouse is version D of the pattern. I uses a yellow fabric that's a really nice quality with cut out flowers sewn on. 
I like this version of Newlook 6598 better. Have enough of this fabric leftover for a skirt. 

Already have another blouse (different pattern) cut out and started. 

Monday, 1 June 2015

Style Arc Faith blouse

I finished Style Arc Faith blouse this weekend as planned. The view I sewed is the one with the pintucks. 

The fabric is a beautiful Italian cotton that I purchased recently from Emma One Sock. I'm love that store and wanted to try some fabric from there. With exchange and shipping, 2 yards cost $38 CDN so it's not cheap. But I'm finding that I rather buy quality fabric than have lots of cheap fabric on hand. And the better fabrics look and feel nicer. 

I will definetly sew with Style Arc again with the PDF patterns now available. 

Also managed to cut out my next project, another blouse. Have lots of dresses already so I'm concentrating on separates. Hope to complete it this coming weekend.