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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Burda Magazine 10/2013 Style 124A

Another new top completed! This time it's Burda Magazine 10/2014 style 124A. 

Hmm...not sure why the pictures posted sideways. 

Anyways, this pattern can also be lengthened to be a dress. Changes that I made was to eleminate the side zipper as the neckline is more than wide enough to pull over your head. Perhaps if you did the dress version or a stable knit the zipper may be needed. 

The pattern directions....haha! Typical Burda instructions. I could not figure out reading them how to do the neckline.  Ended up throwing them aside and playing around with the pieces until I figured out what how it went together. 

It's very comfy and has a different style. I used a poly knit from Fabricland, really wish the store would carry more natural fibres.  Changes I would make if I make another version would be to lengthened the bodice an 1". 

Up next is a sewing goal I made at the beginning of the year. I'm going to tackle a swim suit! Yikes!

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