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Tuesday, 29 December 2015


I made leggings! Being tall, I normally have to buy these at a specialty clothing store. A while back I found knit fabric in the right weight at my local Fabricland. I took the pattern out of a My Image magazine. 
I brought a couple of issues of this magazine online a while back. It's not for sale in Canada, at least not anywhere that I've seen. It's a nice magazine with patterns shown in different fabrics, etc.  

lol my dog Sasha phot bombed. 
It's a pretty basic make, I didn't even glance at the instructions. Instructions are quite brief for the magazine as it covers a few languages as it is a Dutch magazine. 

Burda Magazine 122-10-2014

Wayyyy behind with blogging! Couple of weekends ago I had the urge to trace out some new patterns and traced 3. 

First one that I sewed up was style 122 in  Oct 2014 fact it was featured on the cover. 
Hmmm not sure why it posted sideways. Burda used a chenille boucle which I've never seen before and couldn't find googling. I used a poly mix boucle from Fabricmart that I purchased earlier this year. 
I made a few changes. Fabric ran short after the plaid matching (which was successful except for one sleeve) so I only used one set of ruffles. Also had to lengthened the torso by 2 inches. I'm quite pleased with this make even though it's different from my usual style. 

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Sewacholic Renfew

Hello! It's been a little while. I've been working on a twin size quilt throw for my couch. I have to go shopping for border fabric to finish. 

In the meantime, I dug through stash and came up with a wonderfully soft bamboo cotton spandex terry fleece. Since winter is fast approaching a new warm top made sense. I used Sewaholic Renfew pattern that I've used a few times a while back and wore the garments to death. 

Can't wait to wear this one! I've never seen this fabric in Fabricland so I might have to look online for some more terry fleece. 

Already have a Style Arc Slip on Suzie )what a name!) cut out and ready to sew. Be back soon!

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Sewacholic Belcarra

I recently went on a bit of a fabric shopping spree and ordered 3 different fabrics from Blackbird Fabrics a Canadian online shop. Her selection is somewhat limited but unlike all the other online fabric shops, she actually doesn't sell quilt fabric.  

One of the fabrics is a lovely embrondiered white cotton. Since it had a scalloped border that I wanted to use along the hem, I went looking for a simple blouse. Enter Sewacholic Belcarra. 
I opted for a PDF pattern to save shipping costs. I've sewn Sewacholic patterns a few times as I am pear shaped which this pattern is drafted for. However, while I have loved some patterns others were big misses. 

I'm quite pleased how this one turned out though. My fabric is a little stiffer than ideal perhaps but I think it will be a good basic blouse. 

As an aside, as anyone else noticed it is really hard to find blouse weight fabric online in plain basic colours such as white, ivory or black? These are wardrobe holes I would like to fill but the selection seems really limited. Anyone know a good source? 

Table Runner

***blows dust off blog**** I didn't touch my sewing machine for over 2 months!!!

I finally found some time and sewing mojo last weekend. 

2 weeks ago I dug out a quilt kit I forgot I owned. It involved a lot of hand stitching but I'm pleased with the way that it turned out. 

It's nice to have a project out of the cupboard :). 

I've since completed 2 tops. More posts to come. 

Monday, 22 June 2015

McCalls 6991

Another project finished! I've been on a roll lately :)

McCalls 6991 view B is the latest pattern. 
I eliminated the pocket as I couldn't see the point in having it. *Warning* this pattern runs really really big. I normally use a size 14 at the bust and a size 17 at the waist and hips. I cut a straight size 10!!! And the fit is perfect. Why would they make it have so much ease? Actually come to think....the last McCalls pattern had a lot of ease as well. 

The fabric is used is a silk from Fabric Mart that I purchased this winter. It's recommended to use a fabric that is same on both sides.  

The top came together pretty good following instructions, I just kept making silly mistakes that resulted in a lot of seam ripping. One change I did was hem the back before sewing up the sides for an easier and nicer finish. 

I'm wearing this blouse today and I like it. Not sure I would make it again as it's a fairly unique pattern. 

Sunday, 14 June 2015

2 Blouses

Lots of sewing the past 2 weekends! I'm currently concentrating on blouses at the moment as it's a warerobe hole. 

I used Newlook 6598. 
First one is version B using a cotten voile that I purchased a year or toe ago from Connecting Threads. I wanted to see what quality their fabric is and it's only so so. 
The drafting of the collar doesn't leave a new finish on the inside. I'm not crazy about how this blouse looks, I think it's the wishywasy colours/pattern. Will wear it before making a final decision. 

The second blouse is version D of the pattern. I uses a yellow fabric that's a really nice quality with cut out flowers sewn on. 
I like this version of Newlook 6598 better. Have enough of this fabric leftover for a skirt. 

Already have another blouse (different pattern) cut out and started. 

Monday, 1 June 2015

Style Arc Faith blouse

I finished Style Arc Faith blouse this weekend as planned. The view I sewed is the one with the pintucks. 

The fabric is a beautiful Italian cotton that I purchased recently from Emma One Sock. I'm love that store and wanted to try some fabric from there. With exchange and shipping, 2 yards cost $38 CDN so it's not cheap. But I'm finding that I rather buy quality fabric than have lots of cheap fabric on hand. And the better fabrics look and feel nicer. 

I will definetly sew with Style Arc again with the PDF patterns now available. 

Also managed to cut out my next project, another blouse. Have lots of dresses already so I'm concentrating on separates. Hope to complete it this coming weekend. 

Thursday, 28 May 2015


*blows dust off blog* Hello! It's been a long while since I posted last. I haven't been doing a lot of sewing the past while.

Some quilt projects were completed though.  I finally finished the quilt project I started last fall. 
I went through many spools of thread doing the details on the quilt and it was well worth the time. It's nice to have my oldest quilt kit out of the cupboard and completed. 

I also completed the following table runner. 
Made 2 other table runners as Mothers Day gifts but I never took pictures.

2 weeks ago I started sewing Style Arc Faith blouse pattern. 
Faith Woven Top - Sizes 10, 12, 14 - Women's Sewing Pattern - Blouse / Top / Shirt Pattern by Style Arc

This is my first time sewing with Style Arc as though I have longer admired their patterns, the shipping to Canada is very expensive. But since they now sell some patterns as a PDF on Etsy, I decided it was time to give them a try. Now....while some sewist love 1 size patterns, I'm a big fan of multisize patterns. The reason being that I'm 1 to 2 sizes bigger at the waist and hips than my bust size. So I printed out size 10 and added from waist down to size up. The fit is nice but a little tight across the back. I may have to sew a size 12 at the bust but I'm a little worried it would be way too big. I only have the collar and hems to complete so hopefully I will find the sewing time this weekend to finish up.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Butterwick 6096 Lace Top

QLast weekend I finished Butterwick 6096 view A with long sleeves. 
I used a stretch lace underline with a tissue weight modal/silk knit. The modal/silk knit is very soft. This was a slower make with having to cut out 2 different fabrics and then hand basting them together. 
After 2 easy makes it was nice to have a project that was more involved. I find that alternating easy and harder makes keeps my sewing mojo up. 

I found there to be a lot of ease is this pattern so instead of cutting a 14 on top and a 16 at the waist, I cut the whole pattern as a size 14. I'm glad I did as there's still lots of ease but that's part of the style. Another change was lengthening the torso my usual 1 1/2". However, it's still a little shorter in the front than I would like. In the future if I make this one again, I will add another 1" to the length. 
All in all I love my new top :)

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Yoga Pants Jalie 3022

Also completed last weekend was yoga pants! Pattern is Jalie 3022. 
I've made this pattern 3 times so it is a TNT. I love Jalie patterns, the drafting is great and ready to wear finishes. 

The brown knit was picked up from Fabric Mart during one of their sales. It's so soft and a lovely fabric. 

Sorry for the crappy photo. 

I started my next project yesterday and I'm hoping to finish today :)

Nightgown Simplicity 3696

Last weekend I found my sewing mojo and completed 2 projects :)

First one is a nightgown from Simplicity 3696. I used the pattern once before so it was ready to go. 

The knit fabric was picked up from Fabricland bargain section. It has a fair amount of poly in it and was seriously off grain. Is there anything more annoying than trying to straighten off grain fabric?

Anyways it was a fast make which is what I was in the mood for.  Next post is yoga pants......

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Kwik Sew 2139 Swimsuit

I knocked off a new year goal!!! There's been very little sewing here as of late. But after weeks in progress I finished Kwik Sew 2139 this am. 

View B is the one I used with princess seams. Honestly I don't know why I was so afraid of sewing a swimsuit. It's actually very easy. I lengthened the torso 1 1/2 inches but next time I will add another 1/4 inch. I'm considering this to be a wearable practise suit. 

Hoping to do a lot of sewing this weekend :)

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Burda Magazine 10/2013 Style 124A

Another new top completed! This time it's Burda Magazine 10/2014 style 124A. 

Hmm...not sure why the pictures posted sideways. 

Anyways, this pattern can also be lengthened to be a dress. Changes that I made was to eleminate the side zipper as the neckline is more than wide enough to pull over your head. Perhaps if you did the dress version or a stable knit the zipper may be needed. 

The pattern directions....haha! Typical Burda instructions. I could not figure out reading them how to do the neckline.  Ended up throwing them aside and playing around with the pieces until I figured out what how it went together. 

It's very comfy and has a different style. I used a poly knit from Fabricland, really wish the store would carry more natural fibres.  Changes I would make if I make another version would be to lengthened the bodice an 1". 

Up next is a sewing goal I made at the beginning of the year. I'm going to tackle a swim suit! Yikes!

Saturday, 24 January 2015

McCalls 6513

I've been doing a little sewing! For some reason my mojo has been low lately. 

However I did recently finished McCalls 6513.  

This pattern is a Palmer Pletsch. It's the first time I've sewn one. If you need a lot of adjustments to patterns it's a great one for you. The pattern has lines for full bust adjustments and all kinds of other ones. I only did my usual long torse and arm adjustments. 

I had this lovely olive green knit in stash that I wish I had more of in multiple colours. Why is it so hard to find nice knits with good recovery? It's the perfect weight, so many are too thin. 

I love how it fits. However I'm finding the neckline gaps and you can see my bra. Since I don't want to spend all day adjusting the neck to make sure I'm not flashing everyone, I'm going to tack the neckline in place. 

I'm almost done a Burda magazine top so more to come soon!

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year! 2015 Goals

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. 

At the beginning of 2014 I posted my sewing goals for the year:

1) Sew pants. Achieved! I sewed 4 pairs of pants and now have 2 TNT patterns.

2) Sew a slip. Sorta did this one. I did sew a half slip but my full slip failed. Then it stalled due to being unable to find wide stretch lace locally. Might have to work at sourcing it online.....

3) Sew a swimsuit.  Have all the supplies but never tackled this one. 

So my 2015 Goals are:

1) Sew a slip

2) Sew a swimsuit. I really need to get one this one as my suits are all old. 

3) Sew a winter coat 

My sewing mojo has been missing since I had surgery 3 weeks ago. I'm hoping to get in the sewing room today :)