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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Marcy Tilton Vogue 8904

Hello.....there's been lots of sewing but very little blogging. I'm going to catch up the blog over the next few days. 

First up is a Marcy Tilton pattern Vogue 8904. 

I'm not a fan of most of Tilton sisters patterns but this one caught my eye. Side note, have you been on their website? I drool over the beautiful fabrics pretty much weekly. The postage to Canada I'm sure would be outrageous but I think this winter when my parents are living in Arizona I'm going to buy some fabric and ship it to them. 

According to the reviews online this pattern has a lot of negative ease. Keeping that I mind I sized up size 16 on top and a size 18 waist down. It worked out perfectly.  Also, Communing with Fabrics blog has a wonderful step by step on how to layout and cut your fabric. I followed it rather than the directions. 

The pictures on the dress form are terrible as the dress didn't fit well on it but looks amazing in real life and I got lots of compliments.  

I purchased the fabric from Girl Charlee, it's really nice fabric. Too bad the shipping was so expensive or I would be ordering most of my knits from them. 


  1. Love the colors. The sleeveless version is a great fun style for a summer dress.