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Sunday, 16 February 2014

McCall's M6408 view B

Hello, it's been a while! There has been sewing happening but no posting. I'm afraid that I've been lazy about taking pictures. 

Ignore the messy sewing room lol. It is McCall's 6408 using view B.  I read reviews online that this pattern runs really big so I went down a size. Good thing! I can't believe how much ease there is in this pattern. It's very cozy and makes a good warm cardigan for the winter. I used a poly blend knit I picked up a couple months ago in the spree I posted about.  Actually I wish I had more of this fabric as it would make great lounging pants as it is a nice weight with good recovery. 

I will make another of these at some point but I will most likely size down some more on the lower half. It's a good wardrobe basic. 

More posts to come :)

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