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Sunday, 16 February 2014

A Success and A Failure

Remember I posted in my sewing goals for 2014 I wanted to sew slips? Well I had a success and a failure. 

First the failure,

Yes the full slip was a failure. Sign. It's too small across the boobs and too short over the boobs as well as they aren't full covered.  The pattern I used is Kwik 1066. 

I've often heard that the older Kwik patterns are great and I have to agree. I love the fact the pattern has a reminder of which way the stretch is supposed to go and the directions are very good. I don't have much experience working with elastic and lace so it was a good learning experience. Sewing the tricot however was extremely frustrating as my machine hated this fabric. It kept getting sucked into the stitch hole and twice I had to take my machine apart to free the fabric. I've made notes so once I located a better stretch satin fabric there will be another attempt at the pattern. 

Now for the success,

I made a half slip! Wow sorry for the bad photo. I had leftover supplies from the full slip and I used Kwik 204. 

It's a pretty simple make. Took me maybe a hour total including cutting the fabric. But it's one 2014 goal checked off the list!

I have several projects planned that I'm excited to make. More posts soon!

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