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Friday, 3 January 2014

Happy New Year!!!!

Happy New Year! This is the view out my front window for 2 months now with at least 3 more months to go of snow and more snow. 

New Years day was pretty quite. Did lots of sewing and shoveling of snow. I will have some new things to show you soon once I take some pictures. 

Fabricland had a 50% of everything sale so I got the bits and pieces for 4 different projects and stocked up on interfacing. 

I have set some New Year sewing goals in hopes to get some long planned projects done:

1) Try to find a TNT pant pattern. I desperately need new pants and if I can develope a TNT pattern I will have a template to work with. A Burda pattern is my next attempt at this. Both Sewaholic Thurlow and a Simplicity pattern failed for me last year. 

2) Sew a swimsuit! I'm especially nervous about this one as I'm going to have to lengthen the pattern. I have a long torso and have to lengthen all patterns. Ready to wear swimsuits cost me $80 plus as I have to buy the speciality suits. 

3) Full and half slips. I don't actually own a full slip and since I wear alot of dresses it would be a nice addition. Most of my half slips are hand me downs from my Mom and are too long. I need an above the knee one as most of my skirts are just above my knee in length. 

Happy Sewing :)

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