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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

More Pants

Now that I have a TNT pants pattern Burda 7447, I've been making additional pants. 

First were olive green pants made of a soft brushed cotton. 

Then I made a pair of tan pants out of cotton twill.  

Next pair of pants I make will be black wool that I have in stash but I will need to line them. Probably won't get to them for a little while as I really need to make more tops. 

Be back soon as I have more unclogged projects :)

Friday, 26 December 2014

McKenna Ryan wall hanging

Merry Xmas! Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season. 

I've been doing a little sewing so I have some posts to share :)

Since Xmas is over, I can now share the gift that I made for my brother. 

It is McKenna Ryan pattern His Highness. I adore how her patterns turn out, they have such amazing detail and fabrics. However, they are rather tedious to make. All the tracing of the pieces (there a many) and the cutting them out. But the payoff is worth the work :)

Back soon with more posts. 

Monday, 3 November 2014


Helllo! Long time since I last posted. I wish I could say that there's been a lot of sewing but I hardly touched my machines the last couple of months.

I did sew up Burda 7863 

Unfortunately I second guessed myself on the sizing. Even though I measure a size 44 in Burda magazine for my lower half, I have found that I have to sew up size 42 to get a good fit. Well....this was my first time using a pattern envelope Burda patten and I followed the sizing chart. Sign....they were WAY too big. 

Since I didn't have anymore stretch pant weight fabric, I switched to Burda 7447. 
This pattern is out of print and I found a source in England that had it in stock. I saw it made up by other bloggers and loved the fact it has a similar to RTW styling/fit. 

I had a chocolate brown cotten sateen in stash that I picked up cheap in one of Fabric Mart's great sales. The pattern had welt back pockets but I'm afraid that I could not figure out Burda's instructions and made a big mess of them. So I borrowed the pocket piece from my Jalie jeans to hide the disaster and make these pants wearable. 
Sorry for the crappy iphone mirror pictures. Anyways....I love the fit of these pants! I'm wearing them today and they are so comfortable.
Up next will be some tops as I need a break from pant sewing. But there will be more pants soon as winter is coming any day now :)

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Jalie 2908

I made Jeans!!! And they actually fit!!!

The pattern I used is Jalie 2908 a bootleg stretch jean pattern that I read good things on other blogs. I used size W but took out most of the flare on the lower legs. Also used view A with the low rise. 

Hmm not sure why the picture posted sideways. I found a stretchy black seude demin at Fabricland cheap to test out this pattern. It's actually a quite nice fabric so it's a wearable muslin. I do think I need to go up a size though as they are comfortable but a little tight. Here are some pictures but black is hard to show details. 

The pattern directions are excellant though I'm not used to using a 3/8" seam allowance so I had to watch myself.  

I plan to sew another version but sizing up using a cotton sateen stretch fabric I have on had. 

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Tracy Reese Vogue 1086

Hello! Been a little quite in blogging, some sewing has been happening but not as much as usual. After so many knits the past while, I felt the need to sew something more challenging. Enter Tracy Reese Vogue 1086 couture pattern. 
This pattern calls for French seams, binding zipper tape and binding neck/armholes.  I did sew French seams one time many years ago but had never bound the zipper tape before. 

After reading the reviews online (one advantage of taking so long to sew a pattern) that the bodice ran big and the v neck low, I made several changes. Instead of my usual size 14 bust to a size 16 waist, I used size 12 bust to size 14 waist and got a good fit. The bust is still very blousey so I'm very glad I sized down. I also raised the v neck 1 inch and lengthened the bodice my usual 1 1/2 inches. 

The fabric is a high end polyester that I got at the closeout of a fabric boutique. It's a really pretty coral colour that is crinkled and doesn't feel like a poly. 

I wore the dress for the first time yesterday and it's comfy. The only thing that bugs me a little is the zipper. I couldn't get the zipper to lay flat between the French seam below so there is a bit of a bump. I fiddled with it quite a bit but couldn't get it completely smooth. 

I think this was the last of my summer sewing. Although the weather is still hot , cold weather is not far off. And I really need new pants. I live in dresses and skirts in the summer and while I do wear them with wool tights in the winter it's not practical when it's minus 30. My attempts at a TNT pants pattern last year was a bust. So I'm really hoping that this year I have some success. Fingers crossed and more to come!

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Newlook 6053

This winter I picked up 2 yards of this Joel Dewberry Bungalow rayon challis from 

I love the colours in the fabric and envisioned a maxi skirt. Unfortunately I didn't look at a maxi skirt pattern first as 2 yards is nowhere near enough. Enter Newlook 6053 view D. 

I made this pattern once before. It's a pretty simple skirt that fits nicely and comes together quickly. Even faster if you don't sew in your invisible zipper upside down like me! The pattern actually calls for a regular zipper but I had a matching invisible zip in stash. 

Not too much else to cover on this one. I love the feel of rayon challis, so soft. 

I'm still deciding what I'm going to sew next :)

A recent failure

Failures are a part of the sewing game but it's such a let down when they happen. Vogue 8881 is a pattern that I must give a big thumbs down to. When I looked online for reviews there were hardly any. 

I loved view A and thought it would make a great summer top. There is a huge amount of ease in this pattern. Side note I find this seems to always occur in patterns sized small, medium, large, etc. 
The neckline is also way too low, I can see my bra! 
I'm sad also I wasted this lovely knit fabric from Girl Charlee. I'm hoping I can maybe get a t-shirt out of the leftover fabric, we will see. 

Ottobre 2/2012 Beverly

I had leftover fabric from my last dress so I went searching through all my patterns. A couple of years ago I had a subscription to Ottobre magazine but canceled after not many successful makes. I decided to give the magazine another shot and made up Beverly from 02/2012 issue. 

And I had the same problem as before.....a crazy amount of ease! I made my usual size 40 bust and 42 waist/hips. After trying it on, I ended up taking it in 2 1/2"!!! And it's still loose fitting.  I don't get why so much ease is drafted in these pattters. There's a very cute coat in one of the issues that I was considering but I don't know if I want to bother fitting it. 
The finished tunic is nice and I will wear it. It's easy to adjust fit on a knit but a tailored item would be much more difficult.  

My Image M1409

Yesterday I finished sewing my very first make from a My Image magazine. This magazine isn't available in Canada (we only have one book chain and they don't carry it) so I only have 3 issues, 2 that I ordered and 1 that I won from Fehr Trade. 

There are many nice patterns in the magazines and the same pattern is shown more than once with different styling/fabric. The directions are brief but quite clear. 

I sewed up M1409 from the Spring/Summer 2014 issue. 

It was fairly easy to trace the pattern but I'm used to that as I sew a fair amount of Burda magazine. The dress came together quickly and the pattern seems to be drafted with similar ease to Burda as I traced my usual size 40 bust and 42 waist/hips and got a perfect fit. 

I love the fit as the darts in the back are perfect. It's a nice style and I think I will get a lot of wear out of this dress. 

I'm going to have to take a closer look at the My Image magazines to see what else I can make up. 

Side note, have you ever lost things in your sewing room? I cannot find my thread clippers anywhere and I know they are in this room!

Friday, 11 July 2014

Simplicity 3503

Another summer dress made! This time I used Simplicity 3503 using view A. I used this pattern a few years ago to make view F. 

This pattern has ALOT of ease in the waist and hips. I made my usual size 14 on the top but sized down from a 16 to 14 for the waist and hips. 

It's a pretty easy make but has more style than my last make. 

The fabric used is the same as the last make in a red colour way. It's a poly ITY knit. I prefer cotton or rayon lyra knits over poly but I got it at a bargain price and liked the colours. 

I got another knit dress cut out and a top cut out last night so sometime soon I'll have more makes to show you :)

McCalls 6559

McCalls 6559 is a simple super easy tank dress. It took no time at all to sew this one up.  I sewed my usual size 14 on top blending to a size 16 at the waist down. 

The pattern has you simply fold over the neckline and armholes but made some bais binding instead for a nicer finish. 

I don't think it's the most flattering dress I've ever made but it's comfortable and good for weekend wear. I would possibly make this pattern again. 

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Marcy Tilton Vogue 8904

Hello.....there's been lots of sewing but very little blogging. I'm going to catch up the blog over the next few days. 

First up is a Marcy Tilton pattern Vogue 8904. 

I'm not a fan of most of Tilton sisters patterns but this one caught my eye. Side note, have you been on their website? I drool over the beautiful fabrics pretty much weekly. The postage to Canada I'm sure would be outrageous but I think this winter when my parents are living in Arizona I'm going to buy some fabric and ship it to them. 

According to the reviews online this pattern has a lot of negative ease. Keeping that I mind I sized up size 16 on top and a size 18 waist down. It worked out perfectly.  Also, Communing with Fabrics blog has a wonderful step by step on how to layout and cut your fabric. I followed it rather than the directions. 

The pictures on the dress form are terrible as the dress didn't fit well on it but looks amazing in real life and I got lots of compliments.  

I purchased the fabric from Girl Charlee, it's really nice fabric. Too bad the shipping was so expensive or I would be ordering most of my knits from them. 

Sunday, 8 June 2014

2 Completed Projects!

Hello! It's been a little while since I last posted. First the weather finally got nice so I was busy working in the yard. Then my cover stitch machine simply did not want to work properly to finish the hems. Finally I used the twin needle on my sewing machine so I could finish up and move on. I have a theory that it's the thread that's causing the grief with the cover stitch machine so I need to experiment. 

In the meantime here is completed Burda Style 02/2013 style 114. 

I used a rayon poly that I purchased in Phoenix as SAS Fabric. I'm happy with the fit but I'm finding the fabric weight of the pleat tends to pull the inside of the neckline out. Adding top stitching made it a bit better. It may be the weight of the fabric causing the issue. 

Since I had some leftover fabric, I repeated my last make Burda Magazine 02/2013 style 126. 

I love the fit of this top.  Sorry for the bad photo, I'm still trying to figure out how people take the mirror selfies. 

Up next is Vogue 8904 :)

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Burda 02/2013 Style 126

I needed a quick make after a failure of the last project so I made Burda magazine 02/2013 style 126. 

I used a green polka dot bamboo spandex fabric from I love the softness of bamboo fabric but I do find that it clings more than rayon or cotton knits do. 

It looks far better on me than on the dress form. I would make this one again as it's more interesting than a plain t shirt.  

Up next is Burda magazine 02/2013 style  114. 

I may add some cap sleeves to the pattern, haven't decided yet. Have to trace off the pattern first, the newer Burdas are definetly harder to trace than the old ones. 

Estee's Fabric in Edmonton is sadly closing and selling all the fabric heavily discounted. I've been there twice buying fabric so I now have a lot of projects in the line up!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Grainline Studio Archer

As promised in yesterday's post, here is Grainline Studio Archer!

I sewed view B with the back ruffle. This is a fabulously drafted pattern with fantastic instructions.  It was worth all the taping and tracing. 

I traced out size 10 grading to a size 12 for the waist and hips. Turns out there is a fair amount of ease in this pattern as I ended up removing 1/4" from the sides so I could have simply used a size 10. 

I love how this pattern fits and I have a gap of shirts in my wardrobe. Fabricland has some nice cotton shirting that would make great shirts. I think I will pick up some yardage soon to make up some more of these. 

For the next while it's going to be a lot of sewing from Burda magazine as I have a lot of patterns matched up to fabric. 

Up next is Burda magazine 8-2009 style 128. 
I have a lovely crepe like red double knit I picked up from Fabric Mart during one of their sales. This pattern has been on my sewing list for quite some time. 

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Simplicity 3628

Finally have a finished project to show!
Here it is Simplicity 3628 view A with sleeves of view B. 

And an actual photo of me!

Hmm not a great photo. Looks like some practise is needed for taking these. 

I cut out a size 14 at the bust and graded to a size 16 at the waist. Other alternations were to lengthen the bodice 1 1/2" and the sleeves a 1". I'm pretty happy with the fit. Also I lined the jacket in the end as the fabric is a little on the lightweight side so it needed the extra heft of a lining. 

I finished tracing out my Grainline Studio Archer today finally and it's 90% complete. I should be able to show you tomorrow the final result.