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Friday, 4 October 2013

Burda 128 09/2011 the pattern that killed my sewing mojo!

Well, it's certainly been a long time. As the title states 128 09/2011 killed my sewing mojo. I'm not sure what it is with this blouse, I haven't done many collars and this one looks a bit different. So I'm going to do something I rarely do, I'm going to make it a UFO. Maybe one day I will feel like a challenge and pull out this project. 

I was simply going to move on to the next project on my list and even washed the fabric. Only to realize I wasn't much enthused with that project either. Finally I realized it was because I was still trying to finish up my summer and winter is almost ready to start here in Northern Alberta.  Over the summer I found some good deals on Merino wool knit and ponte knit fabrics in black, red, chocolate brown and mid grey. This weekend I'm going to go through my patterns and pick a new project that will hopefully spark my sewing mojo. I've never sewn with Merino wool and I'm not certain what's the best pattern as both fabrics seem to be a bit thinner than my usual knit. I will have to do some research I guess to what styles will work best. 

In the meantime I've been working on the oldest quilt kit in the cupboard. 

I quickly discovered why I haven't touched this kit until now. Foundation paper piecing.....yuck! It s so slow going, in about 45 to 50 minutes I can complete a grand total of 4 blocks. 

And there are 35 blocks needed, sigh. I've been working here and there on the blocks the past 4 weeks and have only completed 22. Hmmm, this quilt isn't exactly helping my sewing mojo either. 

In the knitting news, I completed the front and back of the baby sweater and am halfway through the first sleeve. I need to get a move on with this project as baby is due at the end of this month. 

Whew..this is a long blog post!

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