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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Up Next Burda 05-2009-123

My next project is Burda 05-2009-123 which is going to be made out of a polyester chiffon. In spite of the fact this is an old pattern, I could only find 3 reviews on line. One stated the neckline gaped and another said it was low. I'll have to make it up to see if I need some snaps or a modesty panel at the neckline.

I will be making a few changes to the pattern:

  • It has facings even though it is fully lined so I'm eliminating those. Why have facings that always want to flip out?
  • There will be no ruffle at the hemline as I think having both the neckline and hem ruffled will be a bit much
  • The sleeve hem and skirt hem will be rolled hemmed on my serger. No way am I going to try to get a neat hem out of chiffon

Burda calls for silk batiste, a fabric I've never seen before. I find Burda often uses fabrics I've either never have heard of before (and have to Google) or ones I've never seen in any fabric store. I will be using polyester chiffon which is from stash, I think it will work the same as the recommend fabric.

This project will take me far longer to complete than yesterdays, I'm hoping to have it done by the end of next weekend.

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