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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Newlook 6053

After finishing Burda 05-2009-123, I wanted a quick project. So I whipped up Newlook 6053 view D, a basic and very easy skirt pattern. I went down a size as this pattern has 4 1/2" of ease! I don't understand why they add so much ease to these patterns, it would be way too big if I had cut the suggested size.

The fabric I used is a linen or linen look-a-like as I purchased the fabric off the clearance wall of Fabricland last year for $2 or $4 so this is a very cheap skirt :). There is a really nice turquoise thread pattern with red sequins.

Hmmm....picture seems to have over exposed.

Rather crappy pictures I'm afraid. I should try taking them outdoors in the future.

Last night I cut and taped 30 pages of Burda 09-2011-128 that I downloaded off Burda Styles. I still have to trace out the pattern after all that work. Unfortunately, I don't have this issue of the magazines, I'd much rather trace of the pattern sheets than spend all that time taping sheets together.

I'm hoping this pattern will be a go to basic blouse pattern as I could use more blouses. I'm going to make this up in white as I don't have a basic white blouse.

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